Getting Started

PiDAR is a health monitoring service that allows you to keep track of the health status of your distributed applications. With Pings you can send pings from your application to PiDAR. In PiDAR your define the interval during which you expect new pings to arrive. If the interval (plus a grace period) is exceeded, PiDAR will notify you about the failure of your application.

Pings in PiDAR are sent over HTTP. You send your pings via GET to our endpoint and we monitor your ping intervals. If we do not receive a ping from your service for too long, we will notify you about the incident.

To get started, create a new ping on the user dashboard. For this, login to your account or create a new account. Once you're logged in, navigate to Pings. This will lead you to the pings overview. There you will see a button Create new Ping. Click it.

First, goto Pings, then click on Create new Ping

This will lead you to the page for creating a new ping. Select a good name for your ping. A good name is a name that will allow you to always know which system is behind this ping. For this tutorial I chose First Ping as a name. I set the interval to 60 minutes, because I expect my application to run at every 60 minutes and the grace time to 10 minutes. Grace time is used if the application runs at exact intervals, but differs in runtime. I selected tutorial as the only tag to show that this is a tutorial ping.

Create a new ping

Create the ping and you will be redirected to the ping overview again which will now display your new ping together with the unique ping URL. The overview page will also display that your ping has not been called, yet.

The easiest way to then send a notification for this ping to PiDAR is via curl from command line or through your web browser. Either call the command


with your own ping URL or visit the ping URL in your web browser.. After sending your first ping notification you should see that the ping will now display a notification in the column Last Notification.

You just created your first ping and are now ready to integrate it into your application. For shell scripts, you can just use the curl command from above. For other programming languages you can use any library that can send a HTTP GET request.