will be discontinued. We will stop our services at the end of September 2019. Please switch to another monitoring solution. From personal experience I can recommend Prometheus as a self-hosted solution for all kinds of monitoring or for hosted (or self-hosted) simple cronjob monitoring. For hosted website monitoring you could use UpTimeRobot.


With polls you can monitor websites for downtimes. Polls will try to query a URL with a GET request. If the server does not respond or if the HTTP status code of the response is in the 4xx or 5xx range, the poll will be marked as down and you will get notified.

Creating a new Poll

Creating a poll is analogous to creating a new ping. To create a new poll, go to the polls overview page (login required) and press the button Create new Poll. You will need to select a name for your poll as well as enter the URL that should be queried. You also need to define an interval at which your website should be queried. Optionally, you can define tags to structure your polls and to display them on dashboards.

When you have created the poll, PiDAR will start to automatically query the URL at the defined interval. When the URL cannot be reached, you will be notified. You will also be notified, if the URL is back online again.